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Integrated Solar Street Light

The Integrated Solar Street Lights can be operated with the help of solar panels. The lights can change sunlight into electricity. These are popular as the energy-efficient lights of low carbon footprint.

Solar Street Light

We are dealing in best-quality Solar Street lights, which are popular as the highly sustainable and reliable source of lights. These can be used for local roads as well as pathways in many residential communities.

LED Street Light

LED street lights are highly functional and sustainable lights of low carbon footprint. These are the lights of low energy consumption. These can be well integrated with smart technologies which can make reduction in costs.

LED Tube Light and Bulb

Offered LED Tube Lights and Bulb have long lifespan and high energy efficiency. The lights show good environmental performance and can do finer in cold conditions. These have no heat and UV emissions.

LED Ceiling Light

We offer best-quality LED ceiling lights, which can be used for the offices, hospitals, villas, conference rooms, hotels and shopping malls. These are available with different power ratings and high level of brightness.

60W AC Flood Light

We offer 60W AC Flood Lights, which make use of less energy and reduce the power bills. The lights are of extended lifespan and can function for long hours. These space saving and compact lights provide ample lighting for all areas.

LED Down Panel Light

Offered LED light panels have been made to spread the light evenly in all corners. These are made to illuminate the whole shelf and show all the products with ease.


DC Driver

We offer dc-driver, which is highly suited for several applications. This can be used for wire-drawing machinery, paper-web handing, hoists and elevators, spindle drives, extruding applications, etc.

Rechargeable LED Bulb

Rechargeable led lights we deal in are apt for the surroundings with frequent power cuts. Thee rechargeable lights provide an uninterrupted and regular power supply. The bulbs have been designed for high drain devices such as flashlights as well as headlamps.

LED Bulb

We offer LED bulbs, which are available with high efficiency and are suited for several industrial uses. These can be used for street lights, walkway, parking garage lighting, and others. Supplied lights are functional as the modular lighting solutions.

LED Flood Light

We are offering LED flood lights, which can provide light to several areas. These are suited for vehicle as well as pedestrian use. In addition, these can be used for several sports activities as well as other large areas.

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